2017                         Social Media Marketing & Entrepreneurship Big Bold Beautiful Project

2017                        Project Marketing Plan Harrys

2016                        Inflight print magazine project for KLM

2016                        Integrated Marketing and Corporate Identity project

2016                        Public service announcement video, script and editing project

2016                        Recruitment video project for VSCO

2015                        Website content design project for fairly good

2015                       Online magazine design project for KLM

2012-2015             Working experiences at STUGGI.TV (www.stuggi.tv)

presenter, producer and department manager, social media manager

2010-2011            Participation in Digital Media and Newspaper course in North Carolina, USA

2010                      Short movie co-production with the Youth Association in Winnenden, Germany

2009-2012            Writer for the youth page for the local newspaper in Waiblingen, Germany

2006-2014           Writer for several school newspapers