My true love

The rudegyal called Jess was born on a snowy Easter Monday the 4th of April, 1994 at 3 pm. YES, I AM A SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!

I wasn't born at 4 pm because then my mother would have to give me away for adoption since she would think I am possessed by the devil which by the way...

In Waiblingen, a town in the south of Germany by Stuttgart, I grew up as the eldest child from four Italian, loud kids. My life was wonderful until my brother was born when I was four. And 11 years later, my two twin sisters were born and that's when my life ended completely.

I tried to run away from one grocery shopping trip and one baby food feeding party but I did manage to write my first article with 14 years old. Then with 16, I decided to get my career as Steven Spielberg going and filmed my first short video, I directed, script wrote it, cut, filmed and acted in it. Wow, what a multi-talent huh! And no, I will not tell you the link to that video since it is a horrendous video of me laying in my bikini in my backyard while fanning myself and talking about inner values...

With 18 years I was too old to write for the youth page and I decided to become a presenter for an online tv show called STUGGI.TV and there I was between drunk old German men at the Octoberfest.

Now, 22 fulltime grandma (mentally) after I have raised two kids and several other friends of mine during my life, I am studying International Communication and Media at the HU in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Yes, my friends, I am living in the country of free weed and prostitution and it's really windy!

Besides my wonderful 22 years as a Hollywood Star in my hometown, I am also in an International Theatre Group and we are preparing our new play for this summer. I am working on my video projects about my travells and I am writing my first book.  Oh, and very important I am trying to loose 7kg till my birthday!

See ya bumboklaats!